How can I transfer my Google email and files to another Google Account?

How to transfer a copy of your Gmail and Drive files to a personal Google account

If you are leaving the district you have two options to save your data. The first option is to download a copy of your data using Google Takeout. The other option, which we will go over here, is to transfer you email and drive files to a personal Google account.

  • Go to while signed into your school district Google account
  • Enter your personal gmail address and click send code

  • Open your personal email account (must be done out on your phone or at home, we block access to personal email accounts in the district) and enter the code sent:

  • Start the transfer:

  • You are all set!

  • A couple important things to note:
    • Only emails and documents that you own transfer.
    • The original files stay in your school account. Any changes you make to the copied files don't affect the originals.
    • A file in My Drive won't be copied if either of the following are true.
      • You're a viewer, not an editor or owner
      • The owner has turned off download, print, and copy options for commenters and viewer

    Full list of FAQs can be found here
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